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Welcome to Green People Life Products.

This planet called Earth is our island in the universe. She is our mother because she gave birth to all life as we know. . She gives us water, food and air. She is hurt when we mistreat her. She is exhausted when we over-exploit her, and she bleeds when we undermine her core. We disliked our mother for centuries and today we realize that is our home and we have no chance of getting another. We have to save her!

Let's do something

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Read and Practice. Things you can do:

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  • Do not buy bottled water. Bring your own filtered water in reusable container.
  • Avoid buying foods with too much packaging. These are usually not used for protection but to generate more sales.
  • Work to better your city zoning to contribute to environmental improvement.
  • If you have a house: enhance your garden and make it more friendly.
  • Use the kitchen scraps and yard to make compost.
  • Use alternatives to toxic pesticides and herbicides.
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables.
  • Buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.
  • Take a look at the books of the library before buying new books.
  • Vote for the environment and a green city.
  • Put an environmente e-mail in your electronic mail .
  • Recycle all, not just the regular trash: cell phones and computer parts should be sent to e-waste sites. Donate clothes, clothing, eyeglasses, and even shoes to the institutions that give those in need. You can recycle paint, tires, carpets etc.
  • Take some classes of Ecology and share your knowledge with neighbors and friends, or make a green blog.
  • Buy a bicycle to go from home to near ways and to walk in the park. Save fuel and gain health.